How does shared ownership work?

The goal is to have the benefit of helicopter ownership without the high acquisition and monthly management, maintenance and overhead cost that traditionlly comes with owning a helicopter. The whole point of Skycore is to allow professionals and companies “At Cost” use of a helicopter in the So Cal area without the high cost and headaches that comes with traditional ownership while keeping the shared ownership aspect totally transparent to the owners.

What is At Cost operations?

Being able to fly “at Actual Cost” is the primary benefit of ownership. At cost is the actual hourly cost of operating your aircraft which includes fuel, oil, pilot, maintenance reserve and landing fee’s if any. We do not charge any additional fees, what it actually cost is all you pay. The hourly operating cost of a aircraft can include the amortized cost of insurance, hanger and many other items that do not reflect the true direct operating cost. We only include fuel, oil, pilot, and a maintenance reserve when calculating our hourly cost.

Are there any weight or age restriction for helicopter flight.

As with all aircraft, some limits apply to flights regarding the weights of individual passengers and the combined weight of everyone on board. On most of our helicopters the passenger weight limit is 290lbs. An adult must accompany children under 15. When booking your flight it is important to advise dispatch of the weight of your guest and baggage.

Will anybody I don't know share my flight?
No. It’s your helicopter, the only people on board are people you allow.
How safe are helicopters?

The safest single engine aircraft in the world is a helicopter. Helicopters are considered extremely safe as they can autorotate safely to the ground in the unlikely event of an engine failure.

Our factory trained pilots with perfect safety records, the best maintenance with factory trained A&P mechanics, our unique “at Cost” no profit per flight model all help keep your flight safe but several new  technologies are about to enhance the already excellent safety record of helicopters.

Revolutionary technology to enhance helicopter safety.

Synthetic Vision, Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS), Traffic Information System (TIS) and Pathway In The Sky are installed in every helicopter we operate and once you fly and experience the latest digital safety equipment you won’t want to ever fly without it.

The best training. The best maintenance. The best avionics.

Safe flights are our number one priority.

When can helicopters fly?
Helicopters can fly anytime day or night when visibility is at least 3 miles. Typically we don’t fly in heavy rains or severe winds and can not fly when there is low fog or the president is in town.
How do helicopters work?

It’s pretty much magic but watch this for a good intro to helicopters….